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Can and Track Lights

Both these LED "Screw In" lights are easy to install and save significant amount of money !!!!


Can Lights

Screw in these dimmable light bulbs and save 60% to 70% on energy cost and maintenance !

It's the easiest way to "Go Green"  for hotels, restaurants, libraries, recreation centers, shools and dorms.

View Specification in PDF:

Par38 Lamp page 1 and Par38 Lamp page 2  Purchase Here









Track LIghts

Dimmable LED track lights are perfect for spotlighting a wall, product, work of art or painting.

Because LED lights are 'cool', it does no damge the painting as other track lights might  because of targeted heat on to the painting.

Track LIght




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Parking Garage Light

parking Lot & Street Lights

Decorative Pedestrian Trail

Lanscape Lighting

Gas Price Display

Decorative Cross Street Light